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A point-and-click soft horror game with jumpscares.

I made this as a tribute to my wife, who died of cancer 3/1/2020.
I tried to capture the mood of what it was like - surreal, fearful, glimmers of hope.

After she died, the world went into lockdown.  The coronavirus spread like a cancer, like a dark mist.  People stay indoors.  Waiting it out.  Wondering about food.  Worrying about health.  And for some, struggling to breathe.  It feels a lot like what we just went through over the last 2 years.

Proceeds from donations toward this game go to offset the costs my family faced while battling cancer.


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I know it's been a long while since you made this game, but I thought it was a beautiful representation of how one would feel in similar situations to yours and though it was a different than the first game, I think that this showed emotions in a really strong way of how one can feel lost, stuck with so many things happening and so many thoughts trying to get in, and with other feeling the same way too. 

So this really was a great game in conveying those feelings and emotions and I really hope things have gotten better since then for you and your kids!

Yeah, thanks.  Things are better now.  We are working on some new games and hope to start on part 3 of this series in the next few months.

Hi there, I am a youtuber and I hope to get some support from you guys by leaving a like and subscribe at my channel.

Everyone who is reading please, please help this man out. He is a great game developer in my opinion so do help him if possible.

Hey there bro, I am so happy that you personally emailed me and took in some of my advice and recommendations for the game but I felt as though something is lacking in this second game. I felt that the fear element wasn't really there (could be just me but oh well.). I think it would be more intense if there was a time limit for finding the items so that the player will be more tensed up while playing the game or perhaps you could put in the jumpscare concept you did in the first game where the child randomly pops out when you enter the room or something. 

I felt that the puzzles that you added into the game could be of different varieties instead of just pressing according to the number of times the item were blinking and the storyline wasn't very strong but still very good to be honest.

Thank you so much for reading my comment and good luck man! I really hope that things will get better for you and that there will be more people who can help you financially in the near future. Like I said before, you can email me if you need someone to talk to because I am willing to help you as much as possible to my abilities. Thank you for creating the second game. I feel quite honoured that you actually remembered me XD and that you took in some of the recommendations I had to make the second game.

[I do see that you have interestingly named your game with One and Two as the first word. Very smart and strategic indeed sir. :)]

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Thanks for the video and the critique.  If there is a third one, yes, it will start with Three, and the puzzles in Two give a clue to what it would be about. (Stranger Things, Season 1 used a similar puzzle).  I did make this one more like "soft horror", but I think people are expecting more SCARE.  So, maybe I will pull out all stops on the third one.

Will be looking forward to it bro :). Good luck and have a good day everyday!

Deleted 1 year ago

Thanks.  Hope you like the game.

FUN! I wish I could of done the puzzles for the keys :( Made you a video 

Yep, looks like there is a bug.  Different monitor sizes cause the button to overlap the back arrow.  Sorry!  I will unpublish and fix.  Thanks for the video.

Fixed and re-uploaded.

Ohhhhh ok. I'l try again. thanks! ^_^

I just tried again, it worked but then one key did not show up while searching, the key for the lock that's up top.  The portal from the Piano

Did you find all the portals?  There are 5 portals, each to its own room.  Each room has a few different hiding spots for a key.  A room will only have 1 key.  Keys are randomly hidden each time you play.

ahhh no. I thought there was only 3 portals, the candles, piano and oven. I'l go look for more now. thanks!

ok finally got it. lol!