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This is a point-n-click horror game you can pick up and play and get a good jump scare in less than a minute.

Please donate.  It helps me pay bills while my family fights the real-world horror called cancer.  Plus, I will make longer even scarier games.


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OneGotInTheHouse.exe 30 MB


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i won 6 times in 30 seconds...... hmmmmmmmmmm

It's got to be a record.  The game is randomzed and looks like you hit a repeating sequence.

i meant 55 seconds. is that still a record?


ok lol you should make the game more harder

Very good was not expecting the jumpscare and even got my brother and mom to play and get scared overall 10/10 good fun



We just started yesterday and hoping for release soon.

cant wait i love your style! 

ps i came from jacksepticeye on youtube im very sorry to hear about your family hope it gets better if i had money to donate i would!

This is ligit one of the best games on Itch. I love the feel, the horror, the scare! Everything about it is awesome. Check it out and see if you like it. 

Wow, guys, that was such a great video.  I ligit thought you guys had been doing vids for years.  Here's to great things to come for you.  ... The dancing at the end was the best! ... "What if there were millions?" Hm, foreshadowing maybe?

Thanks. The game was legit one of my favorites ever.  I'm talking even compared to pro studio games . 

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I've come from Jack's video as well, chimed in with a little something, hope it helps! Also, in case you don't know what people are talking about, and who Jack is, check out this video at around 13:33 time:

Stay strong!

[Btw, y'all can donate by clicking on the download button if that remains a question later.)

It does help.  It really helps.  Yes, I tried to reach out to Jack and say thanks, but I think my comments got burried under  youtube videos and tweets.  But, I was just thinking tonight that even though its one of the hardest times right now, it's also one of the best times I've ever experienced because of the help of people I've never even met.  Thanks to you all.

i literally screamed WTF ! lol 

Came here after Jacksepticeye. Hope your family make it safely through the cancer battle. The game  scared the hell out of me.

I'd like to donate, but I don't know how. 

Please help?

go and try to download then click how much you wanna donate i think

Such a good game! I have set my username as the game name it's so good, I've read the description and nobody should have to go through cancer it's great how your creating games to help your family through cancer and pay the bills I appreciate your game!! I played this game on a alternative account but thank you so much!!

Gave it a go...

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It's your New Year gift from Jacksepticeye! I hope we all cheered you up with this really unexpected turn around! :D

Cancer sucks, especially when you have to watch a loved one go through it. I sincerely hope things turn out the way you wish.

Now, think of it this way: If you hadn't released this game at all, you wouldn't have gotten noticed by Jack. So, to even start developing this from day 1 helped you out more than you would've ever expected! 

Seriously, be proud of yourself.

Watching Jacksepticeye’s video got me here, I donated because I truly hate cancer and I know the pain you feel. I’m really sorry you have to experience this and I truly hope that your family member or members make it through this. Stay strong and keep making awesome games please. 🖤🤟🏻

Sent here by Jacksepticeye! Sent a donation your way! As a survivor (caught early so it never got so bad) I feel for you and your family! Best wishes,

I'm here because of jacksepticeye. Sorry to hear about your family's fight. You are all in my thoughts. Keep your spirits high. Donated what I could. I like the game nice jump scares.

Sent by Jacksepticeye. It's not much, but I hope it helps. Your game is amazing btw!

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how do I donate??

go and click  download then type how much you wanna donate thats how you dono

Sent by Jack - hope things get better for you soon.

Best of luck to you, dude. And props for making a unique and fun short horror experience! Can't wait to see more of what you create.

Good luck,man!


Jacksepticeye got me here. Wish I could give more. Life is fleeting, love is forever. Keep them in your heart always, no matter the outcome.


Here cuz of Jacksepticeye, I gave you a donation! stay strong!


I'm here because of Jacksepticeye. It's not much, but I want to help. Good luck and stay strong. Look forward to see more games.


What a unique and amazing game! I'm sorry to hear that you're going through a hard time. I've donated what I can, I hope this can help. Stay strong :)


For those who are here because of Jacksepticeye, and willing to donate. You have to click (download) button first, it’ll open a page where you can donate then. :)


Jacksepticeye sent me here. Good luck with everything <3 Sorry I couldn't give more.

a lot of people here from Jacksepticeye's video, I am one of them. I wish I could donate more, I wish you all that's best. 
Keep making awesome games :)


Saw your game thanks to jacksepticeye. I wish I could donate more. You and your family are in my thoughts!


stay strong buddy <3 

jacksepticeye sent me here!!!

hey i would like to know how and where to donate and im really sorry to hear about your family i wish them the best

click download now and then put the amount u would like to donate :)

Awesome game and really really short, but really awesome. Looking forward to future releases!

Great short horror game! Got me good a few times! I'd love to see some interactive elements added to this! Here's my playthrough:


Adrionic, thanks for the well-thought out critique.  We  are actually planning the second game, which will have interactive elements like you are describing.

Hellow the creator. I want to say that i played your game and you where right about the jumpscare... Damned... Anyway here is my gameplay of your game. ENJOY (it starts on 11:10)

Thanks for playing.

This kid has issues, luckily he doesn't like searching cupboards! 

If we ever do a part 2, we'll put him in some cupboards.

I wish you and your family best of luck and good fortune, i hope this game gains more traffic since it is really well made and still freaks me out even after the (forgot to count insert number here) time.

Good to hear.  Thanks.

Played your game as promised, came here to deliver, I am saddened by what your family is suffering from, hope they recover and live a strong life. This game was great, hope to see more games from you.

Thanks.  Yes, we're working on new games.

Nice and you're welcome btw I still hope your family recovers, stay strong!

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Loved it! The music had me terrified! I would definitely love to see more. You just got a new follower! Merry Christmas!

Made my day.  Thanks.

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Hey there spectators,

This game is so much fun.  I am laughing hysterically as I write this because of how simple and yet difficult it is.  

Be sure to watch every second of the beginning of the vid as it carries a very important message.  

Drop those donations spectators, this one is worth it all the way.  

- L Squared



Hi there, I am a youtuber and I hope to get some support from you guys by leaving a like and subscribe at my channel.

Hey there bro, I apologise for not being able to donate some money to you because I am poor :( but I will do my part in raising awareness for you by making a video about your game :). I wish you good luck in your future endeavours and I hope the current family situation will improve as time passes. 

Regarding the game, I really like the tense and scary atmosphere of the game and the concept of having a mysterious child being the evil one who will kill the protagonist. If you ever have the time to improve the game, I hope that an actual storyline revolving puzzles to solve by fnding items in various rooms and using the items to send the ghostly children back to where they belong or if they were supposed to be the children that the protagonist was babysitting in the house, the items could be used to perform rituals to cleanse the evil souls of the children and return them to their normal form. 

Thank you for reading my comment and good luck bro! I hope that everything will become better for you and if you need someone to talk to for any reason, I am wiling to help you if I can. Thank you for creating a short and great game :).

Thanks!  If this first one is well-received then, I have plans for a second one that will have puzzles like you say.

Thank you so much for reading my comment and good luck :)